SP-FG-275W Solar Panel, Sonpanele

275 Watt, 31.16(Vmp), Solar Panel

275 Watt Specs

SP-FG-335W Solar Panel, Sonpanele

335 Watt, 37.9(Vmp), Solar Panel

335 Watt Specs

SP-FG-400W Solar Panel, Sonpanele

400 Watt, 41.08(Vmp), Solar Panel

400 Watt Specs

SP-FG-450W Solar Panel, Sonpanele

450 Watt, 41.0(Vmp), Solar Panel

450 Watt Specs

About our Solar Panels (Sonpanele)

Bundu Power supplies high quality Multi-crystalline Solar Panels for use in any solar application. Our range of solar panels can be used with solar pumps, solar inverters, small or large solar systems. Our solar panels are higher voltage to allow for less panels in order to get to the required voltage for the application.

Our solar panels are CE,UL,TUV certified and have an impressive track record in reliability as well as being used worldwide in various applications. Couple our solar panels with any of our other solar products.

Solar Panel Certification

TUV Certified Solar Panel, Sonpanele

TUV Rheinland: "High-quality photovoltaic (PV) modules are subject to a number of requirements. First, they have to deliver the guaranteed rated power reliably, while withstanding an extremely wide range of environmental conditions. They must also be safe and durable, ensuring the system’s high yield over the long term. And, they should also be able to generate the total amount of energy that was used to manufacture them in the shortest possible time. To top things off, they need to be commercially viable. But, with testing services from TÜV Rheinland, you can fully certify the quality of your PV modules. We can carry out comprehensive tests in our test laboratories that comply with applicable national and international standards."