Rated Charge Current 60A
Operating Voltages 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V Auto-sensing
MPPT Efficiency ≤ 99.5%
Standby Power 0.5W - 1.2W
Heat-dissipation Fan-cooling
PV Rated Power 12V 780W
PV Rated Power 24V 1560W
PV Rated Power 36V 2340W
PV Rated Power 48V 3120W

PV Input Charateristics

Max. PV Input (Voc) DC150V
Min. Vmpp Voltage
Start-up Charge Voltage Battery Voltage +3V
Low Input Volt Protection Battery Voltage +2V
Over Voltage Protection/Recovery DC150V
PV Rated Power Lithium
Display High definition LCD with backlight
Communication 8Pin RS485 for PC and APP

Charge Charateristics

Activation for Lithium Battery
Battery Types GEL (Default)
Sealed (SEL)
Flooded (FLD)
Lithium (Lit)
User Defined (USE)
Charge Method 3 stages: CC (Constant Current)
CV (Constant Voltage)
CF (Floating Charge)

Load Charateristics

Load Voltage Same as battery voltage
Rated Load Current 30A
Load Control Mode On / Off
PV control
Dual time control
PV+Time control


Height [mm] 72
Width [mm] 185
Length [mm] 305
Weight [kg] 2.15


Protections Input over/low voltage, output over/low voltage, reverse connection, over temperature, short circuit
Ingress Protection IP21
Operation /Storage Temperature -20° - +50°
Max. Wiring Size 28 MM2
Recommended Breaker ≥ 100A


Does the price include installation?

No, the price doesn't include installation. Installations are all different and require varying length of cable, time and distances to be travelled. In addition to this installations need to be done by a qualified electrician to issue a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) for your insurance. We will gladly recommend a qualified local installer, please ask your Sales Consultant for more information.

Do we offer installation?

No, but we do have recommended installers throughout Southern Africa who will be able to assist you with your installation and sizing your generator.

Does the price include delivery?

All prices exclude delivery. We will gladly get a price on delivery for you.

Do I need anything else to connect the solar panels?

Solar installations are a specialised trade. There are a multitude of additional connectors and mounting systems required in order to get your installation working optimally.

Tell me about the Warranty?

The warranty is . It is a limited warranty. Travel to site is not included in the warranty. The goods need to be returned to us or a call out will be charged. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of sale and the Warranty Card for further information on the warranty. Warranty is held with the agency where you bought the products. If you have purchased your products in Johannesburg then the warranty is held in Johannesburg etc.

Price Validity

Pricing is valid whilst stock lasts and is subject to change without prior notice. Pricing on the website is indicative and should always be confirmed by Bundu Power in the form of a written quotation.