• Maximum 48kVA Standby, 400V, 1500 RPM
  • 68 litre tank : 8 Hours runtime @ 75% load
  • Built-in AVR delivers non fluctuating power
  • 12V Electric Starter
  • 3 cylinder in-line, 4-stroke Powerful Diesel Engine
  • Three Phase Output
  • 45kVA Prime Super Silent Diesel Generator


Prime power (PRP) 45 kVA
Standby power (LTP) 48 kVA
Power factor 0.8 φ
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 400 V


Engine brand Perkins (UK)
Engine model 1103A-33TG1
Engine Type3 cylinder in-line, 4-stroke
Prime Power (kW)42.2
Standby Power (kW)46.5
Air intake typeTurbocharged
Cooling modeWater cooling
Governor modeMechanical
Rated speed (RPM)1500
Starter Motor12V
Description Diesel Generator


TypeMaintenance Free


Controller Brand ComAp
Controller Model Intellilite AMF26P
Structure Type Super Silent
Noise Level (dBA @ 7m) 66
AVR Constant voltage AVR
Excitation Mode Self Excitation
Fuel Type Diesel
Recommended Oil L-ECD grade or 15W40
ISO9001 Certified Yes
CE Certified Yes


Alternator Brand Mecc Alte
Alternator Model ECP 32-3S/4 B
Rated Current (A) 69.2 Amps Per Phase
Pole Number 4
Phase Number Three Phase


Canopy Material Mild Steel
Canopy Colour Dark Grey
Base Material Mild Steel
Base Colour Black


Length 2000 mm
Width 920 mm
Height 1310 mm
Weight 945 kgs
Tank Capacity 68 l
Cons. @ 50% Load5.3 l/h
Cons. @ 75% Load8.2 l/h
Cons. @ 100% Load10.7 l/h


Rated Current100A
IP RatingIP54


Pre-Delivery Testing
Filled with oil and coolant, tested under full load.
Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)
Full inspection of the generator
User Manuals Books supplied & Digital (Online)
24 Hour Telephonic Support YES


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Manual Transfer Switch
Bulk Diesel Tank



Does the price include installation?

No, the price doesn't include installation. Installations are all different and require varying length of cable, time and distances to be travelled. In addition to this installations need to be done by a qualified electrician to issue a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) for your insurance. We will gladly recommend a qualified local installer, please ask your Sales Consultant for more information.

Do we offer installation?

No, but we do have recommended installers throughout Southern Africa who will be able to assist you with your installation and sizing your generator.

Does the price include delivery?

All prices exclude delivery. Due to the nature of the goods and their size they have to be delivered by a specialised truck and rigging crew. Hence delivery is charged extra based on the distance and complexity of the delivery.

Do I need anything else to connect the generator?

Yes, you'll need either an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Manual change over switch in order to link the generator into your property's electrical distribution board. This is required by law to ensure that the generator and mains supply are adequately isolated from one another.

What size ATS do I need?

The recommended size ATS is based on the size of the generator, not the mains incoming supply. The ATS should be capable of taking the whole load from either mains or the generator as both will pass through the ATS switch. Therefore, whilst the recommended switch size will be correct for most installations, it may not be correct for your installation. You should ensure that an electrician performs a load test and checks this information.

Do I need surge protection on the ATS and Generator?

Yes, Surge protection should be installed on the mains incoming line before the ATS and generator. This is to protect the ATS, generator and your home or business. Failure to install adequate surge protection could result in the warranty being voided.

Do I need to anchor the generator to the ground or have a rubber mat?

No, the generator is mounted on anti-vibration mountings so it is not necessary to anchor it. The only reason to anchor the generator would be for theft purposes.

Does the generator need to be installed on a plinth?

Yes, the generator should be installed on a level plinth. Smaller generators (on wheels) can be installed on a paved area.

How much space do I need to install the generator?

You should install the generator with at least 1 meter clear around all sides. This is for optimal air-flow and servicing of the generator.

Can I put the generator in a room or can I build an enclosure around it?

  • Air cooled generators should not be installed indoors or in an enclosure. This restricts air-flow and it is a fire hazard.
  • Water cooled generators can be installed in a room provided adequate ventilation is provided (In and Out) and the exhaust is taken out the room.

Can I load the generator 100% all at once?

No, the generator needs to be loaded in steps. The maximum first step should be 50% and then gradually increased over time. If the generator is loaded above 50% all at once, the RPM will drop along with the frequency and voltage causing the generator to shutdown to protect itself.

What is the optimal load for my generator?

Your generator should ideally be run at 70 - 80% of its prime load rating. New generators must not be run at less than 50% load for prolonged periods.

Tell me about the Warranty?

The warranty is 12 Months or 1000 Hours whichever occurs first. It is a limited warranty. Travel to site is not included in the warranty. The goods need to be returned to us or a call out will be charged. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of sale and the Warranty Card for further information on the warranty. Warranty is held with the agency where you bought the generator. If you have purchased your generator in Johannesburg then the warranty is held in Johannesburg etc.

What is the Price Validity

Pricing is valid whilst stock lasts and is subject to change without prior notice. Pricing on the website is indicative and should always be confirmed by Bundu Power in the form of a written quotation.